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Quick update

I'm on here transfering supernatu_icons to santacarlagypsy so I thought I'd pop in and update everyone.

All is well with me... wait no that's a lie.

All is mediocre with me. I got fired at the end of the year. So yay unemployment, and I've discovered I have insomnia. And not the fun kind. The kind where I am sooo tired but cannot sleep and lay in bed listening to NPR thinking maybe listening to BBC will bore me to death... nope. didn't work.

Looking to move to SC, Myrtle Beach area...

I also think I'm coming down sick yay. And it's really cold here and actually may get snow. We were on the weather channel b/c of a 9 car pileup on the bridge due to ice. lol.

And, that's it. I am on twitter as @CarolinaAsh if you wanna add me there I'm way more active there. (I now have the attention span of a knat. and the time of one too apparently.)
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Chilling w/ popcorn and watching the People's Choice Awards! Woot! I voted!


20:11- I do so <3 Ellen DeGeneres. I watch Rachael Ray but I used to watch Ellen every day before my job... guess I can again now?

20:13- WOOT! Yay Ryan & Sandra! Ryan Reynolds is a monster hottie! And, I've always loved Sandra Bullock, she's ah-mazings!

20:26- FUCK Steve Carrell and the unfunny one note horse he rode in on! That should have gone to either Neil Patrick Harris or Jim Parsons.


20:38- WOO! BIG BANG THEORY! AWESOME SHOW! So glad it won! Mb nxt yr Accidentally on Purpose will win! Almost makes up 4 JP losin to Steve Carrell

20:49- Katie Cassidy is gorgeous. I so love her, have since Supernatural. Also so glad Carrie won best country artist. Mom will be glad too!

21:12- LMFAO! Dude, the Cullens SHOULD move to Los Angeles! Everyone does look younger there, and they could wear glitter...

21:15- WOOHOO TAYLOR LAUTNER! KICK ASS! Yes, I am, in fact, Team Jacob! I'm cold enough on my own thanks, I need a warm body to cuddle up with!

21:27- OH HELL NO. Nicole Scherzinger best step off Leighton Meester's part in Good Girls Go Bad! GTFO Beeyotch. That's for my girl Leighton!

21:41- WOOHOO GLEE! FAVORITE NEW COMEDY! YES! I love that show and am going through Glee withdrawl until April! *whine*

21:42- LMFAO! The cast of Glee "bought" slices of Digiorno Pizza for EVERYONE in the audience at the PCA's. Awesome. LOVE THEM!
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