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Okay, time for a revamp update! After all, I've had the same profile for going on 5 years.

When I first started this LJ, and you can see this by going backwards, I was just finishing High School, with no clear future and I didn't seem to have a lot of self confidence. Heck, I know I didn't have a lot of self-confidence. But, I was smart, and I had my own convictions. I was no lemming.

That part hasn't changed, I'm still not a lemming. However, I am out of high school, over 5 years out of high school. I've moved, to North Carolina, where the weather's warm and the people are sweet. My future is still unwritten, but I foresee film in it. I love film, and being on a film set. Currently though, I pay the bills thanks to a full time job as office manager at a law firm. I still feel firmly about my beliefs, but have learned to keep an open mind. Essentially, I've grown up. Sure I still like to drive as much as I used to, never smoke anything, and love junk food, especially chocolate and pasta. But I've stepped into the world which once felt too big to conquer and left the town that felt too small to breathe in. I've found that the world is big, but it's not so scary, everyone out here is like me, just trying to do the best they can, and we'll all make a mistake once in a while, but if you've played your cards right, you'll have friends and neighbors to help you out.

Fave Color: Blue
Fave Music: Jazz, Classic Rock, Emo
Fave Food: I have a weakness to homemade Macaroni Salad. I will seriously eat an entire huge bowl on my own within 2 days... Less if it's all I eat.
Fave TV Show: My TV Shows keep dwindling! I guess I will go with... Greek or KyleXY. I used to have: Dark Angel, Gilmore Girls, and Veronica Mars; all of which were cancelled.
Fave Movie: Psha. As if I can pick just one. Dead Heist, but only because I'm in it, it drops 8/7/07
Fave Restaraunt: O'Charley's (They have this awesome build your own combo thing, and yummy strawberry daq's.
Favorite City: Tie! Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Favorite Boy: Jensen Ackles
Favorite Girl: Sophia Bush
Favorite Sport: Basketball

I often create icons, for me and my journal, or contests, or just because I'm bored and I post them at benticons. I don't make any money or anything off it. I just to it for fun and to practice using Photoshop.

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